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Teaching Methodology Pre-Foundation Division

Pre-Foundation Division (Class 6th to 10th | NTSE | Olympiads + Excellence in School

In today's competitive world, early you start better you are prepared. Right focus, right direction, right approach, right action and development of right moral values at right time ensure a successful life and career. Pre-Foundation division imparts knowledge and builds strong aptitude, analytical skills, personality full of positive attitude and confidence at right time to ensure lifelong success. Courses aim at utilising the time, effort and full potential of students. Experienced faculty team, result oriented study material, regular tests and smart feedback with engaging teaching in free educational environment ensure sound academic development. Social and intellectual development of is also done through regular workshops, motivational & spiritual sessions, participating in various national and international academic events etc. While taking care of school education and other exams, student are also prepared for future exam like JEE Advanced, JEE Main, Pre-Medical. CA. MBA etc. Overall this division brings positive changes the student's personality and embed all ingredients of success deeply in mind to prepare student ready for all future challenges.


Foundation for Excellence in School

This part of teaching builds the strong foundation of concepts so that students can achieve excellence in school level studies. It also develops Intelligence Quotient and competitive capabilities.

Concept Building

  • Batch wise classes are held in air cooled lecture theaters equipped with high quality audio-visual systems.
  • Lectures are interactive with full participation of students to explain basic fundamental and its application to the grass root level.
  • Regular Doubt removal classes for discussion of Exercise sheets, Question Bank to ensure complete preparation in all respect. Students are motivated to ask questions in the class without any hesitation.
  • Brainstorming Quizzes, Projects, Games and Role play to build spirit of competition, ability to perform and to shape the personality traits required to become successful.
  • Workshops, conferences to motivate and give direction to the mind
  • Regular Home Assignment for enhancing problem solving skills.
  • Use of Modern Teaching Audio-visual teaching to make learning impactful.

Test & Smart Feed Back System

  • Unit Test: These tests are based on the topics which are being currently taught in an interval of three weeks
  • School Pattern Tests: As per school pattern in a time interval of 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the best performance in school examination.
  • Relevant Study material:

    1. Daily Practice Problem Sheets to ensure day-by-day progress of the students and to further strengthen the concepts & their application taught in the classes.

    2. Point wise scientifically designed comprehensive theory booklets with illustrations for school studies in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Mental ability.

    3. Exercise Sheets with conceptual & numerical questions for school level preparation


Foundation for Success in Competitive Exams

This part of teaching enhances ability and competitive aptitude and examination temperament of the students and takes them to the higher level in study to succeed in various competitive examinations.

Concept Building

  • Batch wise classes are held in air cooled lecture theaters equipped with high quality audio-visual systems.
  • Regular Mental ability classes to enhance aptitude
  • Intensive teaching and problem solving sessions for NTSE. Olympiads & other competition by experience faculty team
  • Higher level classes to build foundation for future target exams like JEE/PreMedical
  • Special workshops for NTSE. IJSO. RMO. NSEP / B / C/A etc. to prepare mind for competitive exam.

Test & Smart Feed Back System

  • Separate Test series with feedback for NTSE. Olympiad etc. as per the latest pattern of the exams. Study Material Separate Study Material & Practice Exercise sheets for competitive exams
  • Previous years exams papers of various national examination
  • Every topic of NCERT has been widened by adding indepth theory and higher level questions to prepare students for future target

Building strong foundation through systematic and structured teaching which leads to excellent performance at school level


Skill enhancement through intensive training for various competitive examinations like NSTSE, IMO, NSO, UCO & SOF etc.

Workshops, conferences and seminars etc at national and international levels to broaden the outlook of the student.


Fostering sound academic skills & raising intellectual level for government exams and Olympiads like NTSE, IJSO, RMO, NSEP/B/C/A & future target like JEE, Pre-Medical, CA etc.

Additional Features

  • Regular Home Assignment for enhancing problem solving skills. Use of Modern Teaching Audio-visual teaching to make learning impactful.
  • Parent-Teacher meeting to share academic growth of student and measure to be taken jointly to further enhance the learning capabilities.
  • Student Mentors: Faculty as mentor is assigned to each student to provide academic guidance, personal care and motivation to get the best academicoutput.
  • Revision Classes as per requirement of the students
  • Problem Solving Counters to solve individual doubts in one-to-one mode.
  • Student-Parent Zone on institute website to check attendance, Test Result, Performance analysis, solution to exercise sheets etc.
  • Awards and Rewards: Cash prizes and medals are given to top rankers of internal test and final exam.
  • Motivational and Academic Workshop/Seminars: To keep student motivated and to improve performance. seminars are organized on various topics like • Smart Study Techniques How to attempt Question Paper + How to prepare Notes 4 Revision Techniques - How to improve speed and accuracy * Time management. Confidence Building & Positive thinking etc. Students are motivated to achieve their goal through audio-visual clippings and various inspirational examples.
  • Special focus to enhance mental ability and building positive attitude which is essential for a successful life.
  • Class 8th + Mission Course

    Long Term Course for Class VII to VIII moving students

  • Class 9th + AIM Course

    Long Term Course for Class VIII to IX moving students

  • Class 10th + Pre-Foundation Course

    Long Term Course for Class IX to X moving students

Note: Kindly confirm course availability with school / centre manager.