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Teaching Methodology JEE (Main+Advanced) I NEET I AIIMS

At Velammal, each student is special and we aim to ensure the success of each individual. Velammal prepares students scientifically and systematically to get the best output. The team of experienced faculty members supported by a strong academic and administrative system ensures students' learning of fundamentals to the grass-root level through Concept Building Sessions. Problem-solving skills are developed through guided self-practice using Relevant Study Material. Confidence, time management & scoring ability are built through regular Tests & Smart Feedback System. With all these, one-to-one interaction, personal care & guidance and a motivational environment lead students to achieve the best ranks in Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations.


  • Batch wise classes having limited students with Daily Practice Problems are held to ensure the day-by-day progress for every medium student in air-cooled spacious lecture classes.
  • Doubt Clarification Classes containing different types of conceptual, tricky, multi-chapter questions and discussion of exercise sheets, relevant questions including previous Question Banks etc are conducted to clarify the doubts, covering all possible areas to the grass-root level to ensure the complete success of students.
  • Revision Classes to enhance student performance
  • Problem Solving theory notes & key concepts to ensure individual attention, regular review, many illustrations with step-by-step solutions, and faculty members being available at all times to enable a child to perform to his/her maximum potential.


  • Daily Problem Practise Sheets COPPS) are held separately for English & Hindi To ensure the day by day progress, after every medium student in an air-cooled spacious lecture class, students are given a bunch of lecture theatres equipped with high-quality multi-conceptual questions in form of °PPS, Wi-Fi audio-video systems. scientifically designed to give an in-depth understanding of concepts & applications Lecture Classes taught in the lecture class and to improve Lecture classes of 90 minutes duration are question-solving speed through time-bound delivered by highly experienced faculty practice.
  • Subject and Chapter-wise Booklets and question-solving skills as per the latest (ExerciseSheets) pattern. The sheet is a chapter wise multi exercise booklet, designed as per the latest syllabus, Doubt Removal Classes contain different types of conceptual, Regular Doubt removal classes are tricky, multi-chapter and brainstorming conducted for discussion of Exercise sheets, relevant questions including previous ten Question Bank etc to clarify the doubts Years questions, covering all possible to the grass-root level to ensure complete profiles of the questions which may be prepared in all respect. asked in forthcoming exams. The level of questions in the sheet is scientifically arranged Revision Classes to enhance student performance & Revision classes are conducted during and cent den cc to the highest level.
  • Each sheet also has relevant chapter wise Problem-Solving Counters theory notes & key concepts for quick To ensure individual attention, and regular review, many illustrations with step by step faculty members remain available at a solution to develop question-solving Problem-Solving counters as per time table. approach. Sheet Is provided separately In Here, the student can study a topic or clarify English and Hindi medium.
  • Board Preparation Sheets Chapter-wise board practice sheets to Board Preparation prepare for Board examination Board preparation classes for the entire syllabus
  • Extra Study Material was conducted to enhance the performance in • Question Ranks in each subject for board exams along with Medical/practice are distributed which help Engineering Exams. student in gaining command on topic. • NCERT important questions with solutions • Previous years Papers °NEE (Main*Adv.), NEET with solutions etc.


  • Periodic Tests are conducted for continuous practice in the exam like environment, for familiarisation with actual exams, to practice the latest examination trend and to develop speed, accuracy and capabilities to respond to all types of questions quickly.
  • Chapter-wise Minor Tests are based on the topics which are being taught periodically as per the academic schedule.
  • Major Tests After every three units. Major Test is conducted to revise the syllabus completed till that time
  • Board Pattern Test as per board pattern in a time interval of 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the best performance in Board examination.
  • Revision Test After completion of the course, Revision Tests followed by discussion are being conducted for JEE (Mains/Advanced) / NEET and Board Pattern by dividing the entire syllabus into 4 modules.
  • Full Syllabus Major Tests, followed by discussion is conducted on JEE (Mains/Advanced) / NEET and Board pattern to give a finishing touch to preparation before the final exam.
  • Special Tests for Top Ranks are conducted during the session for meritorious students to fix their ranks in JEE (Mains/Advanced) & NEET.


  • Video Lecture Library in the exam like environment, for familiarisation with Recorded lectures of top faculties for students to study as per requirement.
  • P.a. Tests (Complete Feedback Technology.) provides personalized for various state Engineering / Medical Entrance and relative performance analysis with feedback on Examination
  • Workshops, Study Materials and guidance, Olympiads and other scholarship exams, Unit wise Minor Tests etc.


  • Faculty as a mentor is assigned to each student to provide individual guidance, Personal care and ensure the best academic output. Motivational and academic workshops and seminars are conducted as well.
  • Performance, seminars are organized on various topics like a. Smart Study Techniques, b. How to attempt Question Paper c. How to prepare Notes d. Revision Techniques e. How to improve speed and accuracy, f. Time management, Confidence Building & Positive thinking etc. Students are motivated to achieve their goals through audio-visual clippings and various inspirational examples.
  • Awards and Rewards with prices and medals are given to top rankers of internal tests and final exams. Parents shall be informed of details like attendance, Test results, performance analysis, a solution to exercise etc. on regular basis.

    • Class 6 to 10 – Foundation Course, Class 11 and 12 – Senior Program


    • Class 6 to 10 – Foundation Course, Class 11 and 12 – Senior Program, Class 12 NEET Crash Course, NEET Long Term course for Class 12 completed children